Privacy Policy [One or Eight inc.]

Privacy Policy


Article 1 (General)

  1. One or Eight Inc., (hereafter, “Our Company”) that runs the application, “Teku Teku Yusha Dash” (hereafter, “The Application”), respects the privacy of the Users of The Application (hereafter, “Users”) and will give scrupulous attention to the management of Users’ personal information.
  2. Our Company has set, as below, a policy to responsibly protect Users’ personal information and will implement and maintain including continuously improve the measures. Our Company will observe laws and other rules related to the protection of personal information.

Article 2 (Personal Information)

 "Personal information" in this Privacy Policy is information, as stated in the Private Information Protection Law, of an existing individual, such information including name, address, telephone number, email address, and others which may be used to identify a certain individual, (including information that can be easily cross-checked with other information to identify an individual).

Article 3 (Collection of Personal Information)

  1. Our Company will collect personal information in a legal and fair manner and will not collect it in an unfair manner against Users’ wishes.
  2. ur Company will, when collecting personal information, notify or announce the purpose of use in advance.

Article 4 (Company’s Use of Cookies, etc.)

  1. Our Company may sometimes collect information on Users’ preferences and history, as well as other privacy related information from cookies, IP addresses, etc.
  2. Users are able to deny Our Company’s use of cookies, etc. by disabling their browser’s cookie setting, etc. However, Users need to be careful in that, if they disable their cookies, etc., they may encounter some sort of trouble when verifying, etc. their use status of the services.

Article 5 (Purpose of Personal Information Use)

  1. Our Company will use the personal information collected from Users for the following purposes.
  (1)  When Users use Our Company’s services.
  (2)  When replying or responding to User inquiries.
  (3)  When sending quotations and invoices, as well as documents, etc. in response to User requests for quotations, etc.
  (4)   When requesting User opinions and remarks with regards to Our Company’s service.
  (5)   When cautioning or warning Users when they violate, or might be violating any agreements within The Application.
  (6)   When demanding the fulfillment of an obligation from Users who have an obligation to Our Company.
  (7)   When providing information for promotional purposes to Users regardless of whether tangible or intangible.

Article 6 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

  1. Our Company will not, in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law, disclose or provide any third parties with Users’ personal information, etc., that have been collected. Provided, however, that this shall not apply to any of the following cases.
  (1)  When disclosure is accepted by laws and ordinances.
  (2)  When disclosure is demanded by laws and ordinances.
  (3)  When the personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of said person.
  (4)  When disclosure is demanded by public institutions such as the police, prosecution, courts, and consumer centers.

Article 7 (Management of Personal Information etc.)

 Our Company will, in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law, strictly manage personal information, etc., and strive for the preservation of confidentiality. However, Our Company offers no guarantee to Users with regard to a complete prevention of information leakage, loss, and tampering toward the Users.

Article 8 (Maintenance of Recency and Accuracy of Personal Information, etc.)

 Our Company will, to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use, strive to maintain the Users’ personal information, etc. accurate and up to date.

Article 9 (Inquiries from Users, etc.)

 Our Company will verify the identity of Users when inquiries, corrections, additions, deletions, discontinuance of use, deletion of personal information of said Users is requested. Furthermore, if the inquiries, etc. are determined to be those of the User, said inquiries, etc. will be handled within Our Company in a reasonable period of time.

Article 10 (Changes in Purpose of Use, etc.)

 Our Company will be allowed to make arbitrary changes to the Privacy Policy etc., such as changes to the personal information’s purpose of use as well as changes to management method, etc., at any time at its own discretion, and they shall come into effect at the instant the changed Privacy Policy is provided on The Application.

Article 11 (Disclaimer)

  1. Our Company shall not be held responsible whatsoever for the obtainment of Users’ personal information by third parties if any of the following is applicable.
  2.   (1)   If Users revealed their personal information to third parties by using The Application’s function or a different method.
      (2)   If Users confirmed the obtainment of personal information of said third party.
      (3)   If personal information was obtained from other websites linked from within The Application.
  3. Our Company shall not be held responsible whatsoever for the protection of privacy of websites linked from The Application. Use of linked websites, etc. is at the own risk of Users.

Article 12 (Custodian)

 The custodian of personal information at Our Company shall be the following individual. Inquiries with regards to personal information shall also be directed to this individual.
Name of Service Provider:   One or Eight Inc.
Name of Operation Director:   Issei Komura, President
Location:    F9 Hongoku StokeBldg.3-2-6 Hongokutyou,Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone No.:   03-6262-3880 (Weekdays 10:30 to 19:30)
E-Mail(Japanese language only): :

Drafted on June 17, 2014